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Land Speeders use a repulsion plate to skim a planet's gravitational field, simulating the effect of flight, and enabling them to perform low-altitude manoeuvres. With their versatile weapons loadout, Land Speeders can be tasked to a variety of battlefield objectives. These can range from lightly armed reconnaissance and scout deployments, to tank hunting or other seek and destroy missions.

The remarkable grav-drives utilised by Land Speeders enables them to perform seemingly impossible feats of manoeuvrability even as they strike against the enemy. Such adaptability makes them ideal for a variety of tasks, such as scouting and counter-reconnaissance.

This boxed set contains one multi-part plastic Space Marine Land Speeder. This 60-piece kit allows you to assemble a Land Speeder. Alternatively it can be used to build a Land Speeder Typhoon or Land Speeder Tornado. This set contains an assault cannon, a heavy flamer, a Typhoon missile launcher, a multi-melta, and a heavy bolter.
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